About Broeck

A trendy hotel in Oudewater with a very cozy Grand Café. Our team is working 7 days a week to provide you with hospitality and great food.

Broeck is the place in the Green Heart of the Netherlands to celebrate all the beautiful things in life. We have enough square meters to facilitate your wishes (very usefull when you have kids). Beside our lovely hotel and Grand Café, we have a story. Please continue reading and follow our dreams!

Business with a mission

Broeck strives for an inclusive workforce. In collaboration with Stichting Zorg Oudewater (De Wulverhorst) we are able to create learning and work places and daytime activities with the correct support. A safe way of working and learning is very important! At Broeck we work with people with or without labour disabilities. To give you an example: the staff with a labour disability could have (light) mental or physical disability, disorders or hearing- or visual impairment.

Why is this so important: Don't we all love the feeling to be part of something? There are so many individuels with a labour disability who are searching for a fun, challenging and exciting job. Broeck is born because hospitaly is our second nature and we would like to help this group to develop. Our goal is to be a diving board for this group. How great would it be if they can develop and learn and switch to regular jobs!

Would you like to learn more about us? Feel free to contact us, we love to spread our message. Hopefully we can welcome you all very soon. Stay safe and take care Don Janmaat (left) and Jamie de Jong (right)!