Terms and conditions

For every booking or reservation, the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH) are applicable, further information can be found here. In addition, Broeck Oudewater has its own rules for you and our safety. We kindly ask you to respect the rules and accept them.

Additional rules during COVID-19:

  • The hotel has a strict policy on hygiene and safety. You can find these rules under the COVID-19 section on our website. You are obliged to follow the rules and listen to hotel staff for further instructions. In the Netherlands, keep 1.5 meters away from others. Stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Wear a face mask where this is mandatory.
  • In case a guest is not following the rules or instructions of our staff in terms of hygiene, safety or routing. The hotel is in its right to remove access from a guest.


General rules

  • All instructions from our staff, in relation of our house rules, are to be followed. In case of complaints, please report to our general manager.
  • At all times we respect your privacy, however we are allowed to enter your room in case the house rules are not followed.
  • It is not allowed to light candles or incense at your room due to fire safety. Our fire system is sensitive and will be activated directly.
  • In case of fire, please remain calm. Report fire to the reception desk and/or press the nearest fire detector. 
  • Exit the premises immediately when the fire alarm is activated.
  • Do not make use of the elevator during the fire alarm
  • During the check-in the guests needs identify. Check-in is allowed from the age of 21. Underage individuals need to be accompanied by a parent / care taker (min. 25 years old).
  • Showing your identification card is mandatory. In case the room is booking for two persons, both persons are required to show their identificaiton.
  • It is not allowed to have unregistered or other hotel guests at the hotel room. In case other persons are found in the room, the access to the hotel will be ended.
  • CCTV is applicable throughout our hotel. Everyone visiting the hotel or restaurant provides automatic consent. During incidents or emergencies, we can use the camera footage.
  • Lost and found objects can be handed over at the reception desk.
  • Broeck Oudewater cannot be held responsibile for any damages or loss of your belongings. 
  • Our manager, owner of the location and/or staff cannot be held responsible for any injury, material or immaterial damage, that visitors experience at Broeck Oudewater.


It is prohibited to

  • Make use of the emergency exits as normal/usual entrance or exits.
  • To take with them any belongings of the hotel. If we notice any intentional damage of the belongings of Broeck Oudewater we can held the person responsible for repair costs.
  • To make use, distribute, sell or carry any hard/soft drugs
  • To make use of Nitrous oxide or carry it with you to the hotel. 
  • To cause nuisance by loud music, misbehaviour or noise. 
  • To rent a room on your name, without you being the actual hotel guest. 
  • To stay at the hotel room with more than the indicated persons.
  • To pay any guests to visit your room for sexual activities.
  • To smoke in the room. In case we notice that smoking took place at the room, we are required to charge €250,- cleaning costs. In case the fire alarm activates by the smoke, call-out charges are applicable for the Fire Department of €275,-. These costs will be charged to your account.
  • To spread confetti in the hotel room. In case we notice confetti in the room, we will charge € 25,00 cleaning costs.
  • To leave your room more than average dirty. With normal usage, we find some items, crumbs or piece of paper on the floor. In any case, exceeding the standard, we will charge € 25,00 cleaning costs.
  • To extend the stay without collaboration of the hotel reception. In case you wish to extend your stay, we are happy to check for you if this is possible. Check-out needs to be completed prior to 11:00 hours. For every half hour that you stay longer we charge € 25,00. 

For all other cases, not listed above, the decision is with the management of Broeck Oudewater.

On behalf of all our staff at Broeck Oudewater, we wish you a pleasant stay. In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.